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One of the first projects I tackled at ENVOY was helping create a new website for Tender Greens, a regular stop on my work-time lunch circuit. The assignment was interesting and the challenges formidable. The legacy website had grown like a weed over the years and there were pages and pages, filled with copy, that contained overwritten paragraphs and the same information in multiple places. The project was as much about organization and UX as it was writing. And that was a good fit for me. Also, the UX folks, designers and producer on the job were good people—that always makes things more enjoyable. The trouble with this one was, once I’d written all the copy, the client made it known that she fancied herself a copywriter as well. She rewrote some of the more prominently displayed headlines, over my reservations, and it gave me some pause as to whether to share the final product here. On balance, I think website is a tremendous improvement over its predecessor and so I decided to include it in my portfolio.


The TENDER GREENS home page




From interior pages





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