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Olympic Channel

Posted on Sep 21, 2017

I’ve been making silly videos with my daughter to promote Vol-B-Que events since 2011. They’re usually shot on a phone, edited in iMovie and produced with a whopping budget of $0.00. So you can imagine my reaction when a producer from VICE Media in New York called and said he wanted to make a documentary short about me and the event, and put it on NBC’s brand new Olympic Channel. Sign. Me. Up.

First, a little background. NBC was in the process of rebranding NBC Universal as the Olympic Channel and needed fresh content for the reboot. One of the ideas they had was called “Groupies,” a series of short documentary films featuring the superfans of Olympic sports. They got in touch with several of the National Governing Bodies and, lo and behold, USA Volleyball recommended me for an episode. They contracted with VICE to produce it and, a few months later, I had a small film crew wiring me with microphones, following me around in a chase car and putting cameras around my house. Because of course it did, my sewer line burst the day before they arrived. That made for some rough working conditions. But that aside, it was a lot of fun to do. The director, producer and crew were easy to work with and experts at the “run and gun” shooting required for the piece. While they finished it up in relatively short order, I had to wait nearly a year before I could share it with the world. And now, as of late 2017, it’s not only available to view online but airing on TV (if you’re fortunate enough to get the Olympic Channel.)

Take a look for yourself.


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