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The Net Live

Posted on Aug 30, 2010

I fell in love with volleyball somewhere around the age of 16. I started playing jungle ball with some Marines in front of the U.S. Capitol steps and, miraculously, ended up at the far end of the mall—near the Lincoln Memorial—playing with a handful of California & Hawaii transplants like Roger Morris who taught me the ropes. Their stories of places like Manhattan & Hermosa beaches led me to USC. Twenty years later, I still play indoor and beach weekly. And thanks to a blog radio show hosted by a two-time U.S. Olympian and the AVP’s DJ, I get to have an occasional say in the national volleyball dialogue. Here’s some of the homemade fun my daughter and I have produced for “The Net Live.”

Wheel of Scott Fortune

The 2010 Nettie Awards

A Volleyball Carol

The President weighs in.

Olympic Silver Medalist Jen Kessy sends a message.

Todd Rogers & Sean Scott discuss the Manhattan Open.