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Posted on Mar 29, 2015

Lauren Fendrick is one of the very best pro beach volleyball players in America. She was an alternate on the USA Olympic team in 2012—that won both the gold and silver medals in London—and she’s fighting tooth and nail to be one of only four American women to make the 2016 team in Rio. When she approached me to build a website promoting her personal brand and sponsors, I did a pretty poor job of disguising my enthusiasm. Having the opportunity to combine my love of beach volleyball with my creative talents seemed like a dream project. And it was. Not simply because the assignment sat squarely between two of my passions, but because Lauren was nothing short of a dream client. Her academic and athletic records made my head spin and she’s as responsive, serious, motivated, humble and kind as anyone I’ve ever met. She’s the kind of person you speak with, then go home and ask yourself “why am I not doing more with my life?”

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I recommended a site architecture to Lauren that encouraged exploration, brought the vibrant colors and shapes of her sport to life and was easily exportable to other promotional vehicles like social media. allows users to choose from various story lines and seamlessly sorts content according to the selection. I feel like a lot of athletes follow a more traditional model of organization that assumes users are coming to the site with an agenda. By opting instead for a “mosaic” structure, the site feels fresh, deep and inviting every time a user visits. The site received rave reviews from both Lauren and the beach volleyball fan community. I even had another pro beach player inquire about my services once the site was published. For now, I’m doing less website building and more concepting and writing in my professional life, but I’m proud of this project and even more proud to have gotten to know Lauren a bit better.

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