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Other Side of the Lens

Posted on Oct 17, 2014

I’m used to being behind the camera. It’s usually a fun day when I get to be out of the office and on production, whether it be for a print photo shoot, TV spot or online video. There are worse places to be in the world than video village, where catered meals and fancy coffee drinks are brought to you every few minutes. But a photographer friend of mine was in need of a shot for a Living Social ad and offered to put our family on the other side of the lens. While I’m not crazy about having my picture taken and I’m nervous as can be about scratching our classic car, I let Daniel work his magic. And David Copperfield he turned out to be. The shots turned out fabulously and I’m here to recommend his services to you. Not only did we get a pretty incredible bunch of photos but it we had a good time doing it. For more of Daniel’s work, visit his professional photography website.

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