• Paul Masson Brandy

    Paul Masson Brandy

    creative director  l  facebook videos  l When Paul Masson needed a new Facebook...
  • Army Experience Center

    Army Experience Center

    creative director  l  experiential   l  A 2010 Effie winner for Brand Experience,...
  • Agility


    creative director  l  integrated  l  Re-positioning a $6B global logistics company...
  • Chevy Racing

    Chevy Racing

    copywriter  l  print
  • LMU Basketball

    LMU Basketball

    copywriter  l  television
  • Islands


    copywriter  l  outdoor
  • Land Rover

    Land Rover

    copywriter  l  television
  • Sav-on drugs

    Sav-on drugs

    copywriter  l  print


Hi, I'm Matt. I'm a writer and creative director in L.A. I like to build things. Not just ads and spots, but creative departments, mobile tours, retail experiences, social games, viral videos, slot car tracks, sand castles and more. Some of what I've built is here to see. Some isn't. Like trust, friendships, and a solid reputation.